For a Monday morning…

Dearest Reader,

We all get it once in a while.  That feeling of getting up on a Monday morning.  You don’t really want to.  Maybe you’ve just come back from holiday.  Or maybe you’ve just had the best weekend ever.  But you have to return to reality and back to daily life.  Some find this easier than others.  I’m speaking mainly to the others.

Returning to something mundane and normal after an exciting time is especially hard.  But don’t despair.  Use your breaks to start planning another exciting experience – maybe a simple day trip next weekend, or a home-made spa evening.  You could of course plan a big holiday – 2 weeks away in your dream get-a-way.  Always give yourself something to look forward to – even if its just the tea break.

But, a quick pause for thought.  If your work life (or in fact anything else in your life) is really getting you down, I recommend asking yourself this question:

“Is this really important to me?  Is it serving me in some way?  Can I either improve it so I want to get up on Monday morning to do it, or should I change it for something different?”

I find that to be a good way to help me let go of things in my life that I just can’t bear to do.  The “is it serving me in some way” question is useful though.  I hate doing the housework, yet it serves me because I am so much happier when I have a clean and tidy house.  So I have to find ways to motivate myself to do it!

Don’t despair of Mondays, eventually you’ll enjoy them too!

With love.