On dealing with emotions…

Dearest Reader,

Maybe you feel hopeless and unhappy.  Maybe you think that life has dealt you a bad hand and you’re angry.  Maybe you’re just having a bad day and hate the world.  Maybe you want something more than the relief that cute animal GIFs and videos can give you.  I can’t promise to give you that encouragement or relief, but I’ll do my best, for you, but also for me.

I think its important to remember that all our experiences, the good and the bad, are just that.  An experience.  And like all experiences, it will pass.  I was doing a meditation a while back, I forget which and where from, but the lesson that has stayed with me since is that things change and that if we try to experience it all from a sense of calm and curiosity, we will be better able to cope with them.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t experience the feelings of fear, anger, depression, sadness, elation, amazement, wonder, joy.  But rather, experience them mindfully, and remember that like all things, it too will pass.

Life has a funny way of guiding us without us even knowing it.  If you are unhappy, don’t just ignore it, work out why you are unhappy and what you can do to deal with it.  It may well be life’s way of telling you that something isn’t right.  Maybe dealing with it means you feel you need to leave that job you hate, talk to your partner about what they are/aren’t doing that upsets you or many other countless things.  You never know, maybe your boss thinks you were the wrong person for the job anyway or your partner is unhappy too, but life thinks you are the stronger person to deal with it.

Experience the emotions, but don’t let them overtake you and cause you to make irrational choices and actions.  If you feel anger, breathe deeply before letting it go.  In those breaths, experience it, let it fill you up, then try to separate your actions from your anger.  If you feel sadness, experience it mindfully, let it fill you up, but then separate it from your actions, don’t allow it to cause you to be irrational.  You could do the same with happiness.  Breathe in deeply, experience the joy mindfully, let it fill you up completely.  Then, separate it, remember to think rationally and calmly.

Above all, remember that you are human and that we all experience emotions.  You are never alone even if you feel it, someone is out there, waiting for you to reach out to them for comfort.

My dearest reader, I hope this may help you just a little bit, as it has helped me throughout the last weeks.  I understand this may not work for everyone, but maybe give it a try, you never know it might work out for you.

With love, as ever.