On finding your sunshine…

Dearest Reader,

I’ve sat down at my laptop to write you this short note with no words in my heart, just a feeling that I should write.  The sun is shining and that uplifts me.  It reminds me that one of the ways through depression is to always be searching for your personal sunshine, and when it arrives, stubbornly hold on to it and don’t let it go until a bigger brighter sunshine comes along.

Maybe you have several sunshines.  I know I do.  My partner is my biggest sunshine.  But what about when he isn’t there?  If I’m at home, then my pet is another sunshine.  He is the most pure and innocent sunshine because the world hasn’t tainted him with bitterness and experience, all he knows is love.  But what if he’s asleep or off exploring?  I have to keep finding my sunshines.  They aren’t always people, sometimes its an activity – maybe knitting, playing the flute or baking is your sunshine.

Sometimes, one of your sunshines might dim.  That’s okay.  It happens.  Just give it a break, and if it fades completely, then let it go – it is no longer serving you and making you happy.  But sometimes, it’ll come back, even brighter than before!  It happens in the real world too.  The sun itself doesn’t dim, but sometimes the clouds cover it, or darkness falls.  That’s okay, its a natural part of the cycle of life.  But in the darkness, you know it’ll rise again the next morning, or the clouds will eventually float away so you don’t despair.  In the same way, you should know that you’ll always have personal sunshines in your life, they’ll fade, be covered by clouds, occasionally go out but there’ll always be a sunshine somewhere.

Sometimes you might even have to go searching for your sunshine.  But you’ll know it when you find it.  There is a sunshine out there for everyone, don’t give up looking for it!  But just occasionally, you’ll find that your sunshine finds you and fills you up, all by itself.

But, the most important thing to remember is: to spend as much time with your sunshine as you can.  That is what will keep you uplifted and joyful.

With love as ever, and blessings of sunshine.


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